Tidewater Daylily Society

'Spacecoast  Sunshine'

Growing Daylilies

Best Growing Conditions for Daylilies

  • Full sun (minimum of 6 hours per day)
  • Well drained soil rich in organic matter (composted horse manure is great)
  • pH 6.2-6.8.  Tidewater soils tend to be more acid than this, so lime is likely needed.
  • Abundant moisture (no drought stress) during growing season (March through October)

Planting Your New Daylily

  • Plant your new plant as soon as possible, either directly in the ground or in a pot to plant in the ground later
  • When you plant, add some lime, fertilizer and organic matter into the soil and mix  well before planting
  • Bury the roots only to the crown of the plant, no deeper
  • Build a berm around the plant so that when you water, the water will slowly sink in around the roots
  • Water in thoroughly and then use a root stimulant such as Ortho Upstart or Fertilome Root Stimulator mixed according to directions.  A dilute solution of high phosphorous soluble fertilizer, 10-16-10, 15-30-15, mixed at half the recommended rate can also be used.
  • DO NOT WATER the plant again until you see new growth.  Overwatering a newly planted bareroot plant can cause it to rot.
  • After it has started to grow, water it once or twice per week during the growing season
  • Daylilies are heavy feeders, so make sure it is well fertilized during the growing season.  See fertilizer schedule below.
  • Label your plant:  Bury one label in the ground, as a back up.  Add another label so you can read it.  Pencil written on plastic lasts longer than Sharpies.  Paint pens are good, as are label makers and laser printers.
  • Mulch your plants with 2-3 inches of mulch to minimize weed competition and conserve moisture
  • Watch for pests and treat as needed:  Aphids, Thrips, Spider Mites, Leaf Streak, Rust, and Rot. 

Daylily Fertilizer Schedule

  • Feed daylilies in March and July with Slow Release Lawn Food (16-4-8) or Espoma Plant Tone or Flower Tone
  • Follow up 6 weeks later with amended Hooker Formula or when you need to treat for insects and/or diseases

Amended Hooker Formula

  • Add the following to 1 gallon of water and spray the plant foliage:   1 Tablespoon Miracle Gro (15-30-15), 1 Tablespoon Epsom Salt, 3/4 Tablespoon Iron Chelate (liquid iron), and 1 Tablespoon Fish Emulsion

Fungicides & Insecticides only as needed and according to label directions